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Welcome to parental activity!

Parental activity means working collectively for good life 

Parental activity consists of voluntary activities organized by parents in nursery schools, schools or educational institutions that support and promote the learning and well-being of children and youths. The parents may operate in class teams, informal parents’ forums for the whole school, or within registered parents’ associations.

What ever form the activities take, the objective is always to reinforce beneficial cooperation between the homes and schools/nursery schools and to promote a community-led culture of operation. The activities are centered around all of the children and youths within the community

Being present in the everyday life of the children and youths 

By participating in parental activities at the nursery school or school you demonstrate to your child that you take interest in their everyday life, friends, and well-being.

Strength and wisdom
for parenthood 

Being present and actively cooperating with the staff of the nursery school or school shows the child that the parents want to act together to benefit the child. The presence of parents is also important in upper comprehensive school, upper secondary school, and vocational institutions. Youths appreciate positive and goal-oriented cooperation with adults at the school


Strength and wisdom for parenthood 

Parental activity provides a good picture of the everyday life at the nursery school or school and lets us see into the growth and operational environment in which the child or youth spends large amounts of their time.

Through parental activities you become familiar with the adults at the nursery school or school, the friends of your child and their families. When we know each other, it is easier to share everyday joys and issues and find solutions to our problems. Shared discussions and operation allow parents to affect the well-being, comfort, and safety of the children, youths, and the entire nursery school or school community in a concrete way.

Parents as partners at nursery schools and schools 

By actively participating in the everyday operation of the nursery school or school, the parents can support the teachers’ work in multiple ways. At its best, parental activity means working together, creating a shared understanding with the nursery school or school on how we can support the growth, learning, and comprehensive well-being of the children and youths. Activities organized by the parents at the nursery schools and schools promote community spirit. A communal culture that is open to everyone supports the coping of the staff, promotes an environment of positivity, and increases the sense of safety and mutual confidence. 

Effective operation to benefit the children, youths, and families 

The purpose of the influential activities is to defend the right of all children and youths to a safe, healthy, and good life as well as high-quality early childhood education and teaching. A parents’ forum that operates in the nursery school, school or on the local level may prevent adverse effects on children and youths by actively participating in the public dialogue and communicating its positions on the decision-making regarding families with children.  

Vanhempainliitto – a partner to nursery schools and schools 

Vanhempainliitto (Finnish Parents’ League) is a national builder of cooperation between the home and the schools and nursery schools. The membership of the association consists of approximately 1,300 parents’ associations operating in nursery schools, schools, and educational institutions.

Safe, healthy, and good life for all children

Vanhempainliitto supports and guides the parents’ associations, nursery schools, and schools in building a communal, equal, and inclusive culture of operation. The association provides ideas and tools for joint work by homes and schools/nursery schools as well as for parental activity with more than 100 years of experience. Close and effective cooperation between the home and the schools and nursery schools responds to the objectives specified in the early childhood education and care plan and the curriculum. Vanhempainliitto uses its expertise to promote the realization of these objectives.



When we know each other, it is easier to share everyday joys and issues and find solutions to our problems.


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